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Goals And Strategies
These goals summarize the recommendations made by attendees of the 2012 Envision the Future Conference.

1. Communication and Collaboration: Develop mechanisms to facilitate effective collaboration, disseminate evidence-based information, and create a repository for NHPI data and evidence-based findings.

  • The Envision the Future Steering Committee: The Envision the Future Steering Committee, consisting of stakeholders from around the country and associated U.S. territories, was formed to work toward realizing the goals established in the 2012 conference.
  • The Envision the Future Web Portal: This website was developed as a means to disseminate evidence-based information on NHPI health disparities and facilitate stakeholder involvement.
  • The NHPI.Network: The NHPI.Network mailing list has been expanded to include stakeholders from across the continent and Pacific Islands.

2. Community Capacity-Building and Sustainability: Increase community participation in research, interventions, and grant development, thus promoting the ability of NHPIs to advocate for themselves and promote long-term sustainability.

3. Health Advocacy and Access: Increase NHPI leadership in health advocacy and develop culturally informed health interventions.

4. PI Migrant and Immigrant Health: Promote the health of NHPIs through policy and changes to the health system infrastructure.

  • COFA Migrants: The COFA Migrant Act (H.R. 912: Restoring Medicaid for Compact of Free Association Migrants Act of 2013) bill was introduced by Congresswoman Hanabusa on February 28, 2013.

5. Translation Services: Increase availability and access to translated culturally relevant health materials.

6. Increase NHPI Health Professionals and Workforce Development: Disseminate training and financial opportunities for NHPIs to increase participation in health workforce.

  • The Future Public Health Leaders Program: The Future Public Health Leaders Program enrolled the following students: Louisa Fonua, Tongan from CSU-Northridge; Lauren Mationg, Native Hawaiian, USC; Harvest Yomai, Chuukese from Chaminade University.

7. Health Disparities: Develop culturally relevant interventions and preventions to eliminate disparities from the PIHS findings.

  • 2013 PIHS Fact Sheets: Two fact sheets on the Pacific Islander Health Study data have been produced–one on adult health, and the other on adolescent health.

8. Expand the Pacific Islander Health Study (PIHS): Broaden the scope of PIHS to include other California counties, states, and the USAPIs.

  • NHPI National Health Interview Survey: The Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander National Health Interview Survey will provide previously unavailable national level health data on NHPIs.